Chardonnay Assisted Living in Twin Falls has always maintained a distinguished reputation throughout the assisted living profession. Chardonnay Assisted Living is owned and managed by Mark and Roxanna Knight.

Mark is the administrator of Chardonnay Assisted Living and is a pharmacist who has worked in local pharmacies since 1998. His range of experience includes:

  • Compounding
  • Home IV preparation
  • Coordination of medicinal therapy with local nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Through Mark, you will have emergency access to pharmaceutical services as well as his access to the local healthcare community.

Roxanna manages the day to day operation of Chardonnay Assisted Living and works hard to ensure that it feels just like home. Roxanna was born and raised in the Magic Valley. She has a deep love for Twin Falls, Southern Idaho, and the Magic Valley. Additionally, Roxanna has a deep respect for our seniors. She knows that it is their hard work and sacrifices that made this great community.

At Chardonnay Assisted Living in Twin Falls, we built our dream home for you to live in.